Aldi Workzone Portable, 1140mm (44⅞”) x 13mm (½”) Bandsaw Blade (Pack of 3)


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Aldi Workzone Portable, 1140mm (44⅞”) x 13mm (½”) Bandsaw Blade (Pack of 3)

Bimetal Bandsaw Blades

Bimetal blades are metal cutting blades. They are used on band saws to cut carbon steel, tool steel, structural steel, pipes and tubes, die steel, angles and flat stock, and mixed metal applications.

  • Manufactured from 2 metals – M42 tool steel is welded via an electron beam to a flexible backer
  • They typically last 3-5 times as long as a carbon blade (flexback and hardback)

Suitable for cutting:

  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Steel
  • Titanium
  • Stainless steel

Bimetal Challenger Bandsaw Blades

The 8/11 & 12/16 high performance bimetal portable band saw blades with a patented tooth design cut a wide range of materials faster and last longer than conventional portable band saw blades. The variable pitch blades with shock-resistant bimetal teeth can cut machinable metals, leaving a clean finish with fewer blade changes. The Morse 8/11 outperforms 10/14 blades when cutting materials ¼” and thicker. The Morse 12/16 outperforms 18 tooth blades when cutting materials ³⁄₁₆” and thinner.

  • 8/11 and 12/16 – Replace the need for blades ranging from 10 TPI through 24 TPI
  • Reduced tooth strippage – Long blade life
  • Fast Cutting – Large tooth, deep gullets, fast chip removal
  • Less time changing blades and less inventory
  • Quick, clean cuts in a variety of materials. Cut everything you do with TWO BLADES
  • The most saw cuts per blade in the market.


  • Fast – Cut more in less time with up to 2x faster cut speed
  • Durable – Spend more time cutting and less time changing blades with up to 2x longer blade life
  • Versatile – Saw a wide range of materials with variable pitch blade
  • Smooth – Reduced vibration cutting creates less fatigue and a clean finish for welding


  • Electrical conduit
  • Strut
  • Threaded rod
  • Stainless steel
  • Pipe
  • Tubing
  • Solids
  • Structural pipes
  • Machinable metals
  • PVC
  • Cast iron