Wood Cutting Sawmill Bandsaw Blades

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We can manufacture bandsaw blades for all popular portable sawmills; Baker, Forestor, Frontier, Harbor, Homesteader, Hudson, Kellfri, Logmaster, Logosol, Mighty, Norwood, Timberking, Timbery, Trakmet, Woodland Mills, Woodmizer amongst many others, as well as multi head sawmills.

Our promise to you is that our sawmill blades do not compromise with quality . They are made from industry leading steel to ensure that you receive a longer life from your blade.

We understand that resharpening can be very costly while timber processing and that is why we offer the option of a bimetal sawmill blade, they can last up to 5 times as long as carbon blades before needing to be resharpened.

Available in the following widths:

  • 19mm (¾")
  • 27mm (1")
  • 32mm (1¼")
  • 38mm (1½")
  • 51mm (2")

Available in the following teeth per inch:

  • 1 TPI (25mm pitch)
  • 1.14 TPI (22mm pitch)
  • 1.3 TPI (19mm pitch)
  • 2 TPI (13mm pitch)

Any queries, call us on 0113 252 2033 or email info@thebandsawshop.com and we will be happy to help.